Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Now I'd like to pass the mic...

I have a couple more posts to make, one of which is going to be my 20 blog challenge tally. I know you're excited! But, right now I have to catch a plane back to Chicago. It's been fun. Thanks for following along.

Today the superstar crew of Sound Opinions arrives for the SXSW music festival. Todd Bachmann and Morrissey will be together in the same city, so it's sure to be magic.

UPDATE 03/21/06: It has just come to my attention that Todd is not the rabid Morrissey fan I was lead to believe. Repeat: Todd Bachmann enjoyed Morrissey as a youth, but he was by no means his favorite musical artist. Todd simply named his hard drive 'Moz.' It means nothing. Really.


At 1:46 PM, Blogger Steve Midgley said...

Hi Roman,

This comment is off-topic but.. I've enjoyed your radio programs for a long time both at KALW (I have one of your t-shirts!) and your work now in Chicago. I have a question about one of your more recent programs: I think you did a show where an English host called pay phones around the world? He talked with a cop in Florida and a young, tough girl in England among others. I believe it won a few awards too! Can you direct me to that program? Sorry to be off-topic and happy holidays!

I did search around for it but haven't turned it up.

You can reach me at "steveDOTmidgleyAT gmail DOT com" or post back on this blog..




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