Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Out of the edit booth and into the bright, bright sun

Hello friend, I'm Roman Mars. Producer of Re:sound and one-third of the Third Coast International Audio Festival.

A few of Chicago Public Radio's finest are venturing out into the bigger world: leaving the land of our first Republican president for the land of our last Republican president (You're right, "latest" would be more accurate, but I'm sticking with "last.").

We're off to the Lone Star State for South by South West. It's a music festival, a film festival, and an interactive conference. What am I going there to see? You guessed it: The Interactive Conference! w00t! Blogging and web design are a lot like rock n' roll and cinema, but the creatives behind them are even pastier, with even more limited upper body strength.

My official role is as a panelist for the Future of Radio discussion that's being moderated by my friend and colleague Kevin Smokler.

My unofficial role is to get mentioned in 20 blogs. I'm bringing Third Coast Festival t-shirts as bribes, as well as Re:sound and Sound Opinions CDs. I'll keep track of my progress on this site. Wish me luck!


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