Monday, March 13, 2006

Oh yeah, I'm in Texas!

So, I'm with a group of bloggers and we are jumping from bar to bar. BTW, these people can congregate! I haven't been to a meal with fewer than 20 people. It's unbelievable. The inertia from groups of this size make social planning near impossible, but they are such an inclusive bunch they hate to see anyone left behind. It's quite admirable really. ANYWAY, a few of the folks want food, so we decide to go to an all night diner that's a bit of a haul from downtown. So the legion begin to figure out the driving arrangements and I somehow end up riding in the back of a pickup truck. First off, I was certain this was illegal. I mean, come on, it has to be. But, I later learned that as long as you have more than liability insurance and the trip isn't work related, then it's perfectly fine. I'm telling you, Texas is friggin' crazy! So the bloggers were loving it and I was not at all pleased. I took a photo.

Intrepid public radio producer Roman Mars in the back of a pickup truck prays he will be "thrown clear."


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