Monday, March 13, 2006

______ is the new _______

The day started with Henry Rollins. For those of you that aren't familiar with Henry Rollins, he is a kind of punk rock pundit that has parlayed being the 3rd best Black Flag singer into a cottage industry of subculture entertainments. Most notably he's been making his name as a spoken word performer for the past 20 years or so. He's a good storyteller, and I think it's excellent that he can get a group of teenage punks to sit down on the floor of an otherwise dingy club and have them captivated for two hours by something as simple as a guy telling a story. Anyway, he was being interviewed for the Film part of SXSW because apparently he has a cable talk show on IFC. I don't have cable, so I was completely unaware of this, but after listening to him talk for the first time in 10 years I thought, he hasn't changed much, but I wouldn't mind watching his TV show. So I guess he did his job today. Go Hank!

Notable Rollins quotes of the day:
"If music could've changed the world, Dylan, Marley and Hendrix would've done it already."
"If you really do what you want to do, don't expect a placid lake to row across."

The other part of the morning was taken up by me eavesdropping on the rows and rows of bloggers chatting up a storm (verbally, not virtually). Here's what I noticed: tech geeks love to use the expression, "_(blank)_ is the new _(blank)_." For example, "Convergence is the new accesibility" and "Obscurity is the new fame." This is a fun game you can play at home! "_(blank)_ is the new _(blank)_" is the new "six degrees of Kevin Bacon." See what I did there? Oh yeah.

More later.


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