Friday, March 17, 2006

We formed a band...

Sound Ops producer Jason Saldanha here, live (and almost awake) in Austin, Tx. The entire crew has taken SXSW by storm. In the two days we have been here, I have experienced the best and worst of SXSW music.

Wednesday was the highlight of my musical year, in that I saw and met the Flaming Lips. While I am underwhelmed with their upcoming record, At War With the Mystics, I have to admit that the songs sounded much better live than they do on record. Wayne Coyne, the lead singer, is simply a genius, who makes everyone in the audience smile the entire time.

Another highlight of SXSW was seeing UK rockers, Art Brut, at 1am. Put this band on your must see list. The lead singer is this witty, charismatic, funny and in your face guy, who puts all he has into the show. Singer is a misnomer...he really just talks over the grooves, but boy is he ever funny.

Yesterday, we conducted an interview with hip-hop heroes, The Beastie Boys, who's new frenetic, seizure inducing movie is coming to a theater near you. While I cannot say I enjoyed the movie, I can say I like the idea, and the music was great.

After the interview, Todd, Matt, Robin and I had some authentic Texas BBQ. I still have random moist towelettes on my person because of it. Matt bid us adieu for the afternoon, and the rest of us made our way to the Hideout Chicago party (we were late, because Austin has the WORST system of highways ever), with headliner, Neko Case. Neko performed songs from her upcoming album, Fox Confessor Brings the Flood. The songs sounded amazing in such a small intimate venue. Katie and Tim Tuten (who own the Hideout in Chicago), picked an amazing venue overlooking the Austin skyline. It made for an exhilarating and idyllic experience.

Following Neko, we say Rhys Chatham at the First Presbyterian Church, in downtown Austin. What a wanker. A thoroughly pretentious show, that showcased numerous guitarists looking as if they were strumming the single most important note in the history of music. They would do the String Cheese Incident proud. Jim and Greg loved the guy, but even the best can be wrong.

Following the show, I got some much needed sleep. There is so much to do, it gets to be a bit overwhelming, but it is exhilarating to be enveloped by music at every turn.

Ok, that is all for now, more to come from the rest of the crew....



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