Friday, March 17, 2006

Sound Opinions...Top of the Pops

It's only 7pm, and my eyes are already blurry, so bear with me on this entry. But, I had to share some great bands I saw today. First we went to a lackluster Spin party (by lackluster I mean that the music was so-so, the bbq fair, and most importantly, the the number of B and C-list celebrities and "industry" types I was able to point out was minimal. I expected WAY more people from Best Week Ever). Anyways, the day redeemed itself at the Pitchfork/Windish party down the street. There Jason, Greg and I stood and saw Spank Rock and RJD2 followed by Love is All, a band from Sweden who I loved (the songs were packed with cowbell). The final act was Art Brut, who was amazing. Greg scribbled on his notepad - "New Kings of Rock," complete with a drawing of a crown and everything.

Now I'm taking a few moments to sit and possibly close my eyes. Later I hope to see Dungen and Rogue Wave. Root for me to make it!


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