Thursday, March 16, 2006

Looks like we made it

So the entire Sound Opinions team is finally down in Austin. We came by train/plane/car combos, but we're here, and so far, so good.

Last night, fellow producer Jason Saldanha and I went with host Jim DeRogatis to see the Flaming Lips play one of their first gigs since finishing their new album, At War With the Mystics. The venue is apparently the central meeting place for the UT fraternity brothers, but last night the Lips pretty much took over (balloons, green stink bombs, etc.) It was a really, fun energetic show, and made me more enthusiastic about the new record. It was also a nice opportunity for Jim to talk to his most recent book subjects and a nice opportunity for me to shake the hand of Mr. Wayne Coyne. Tomorrow, we're going to a book signing for Jim's Lips biography, Staring at Sound (check out his website, beautifully designed by Jason and his pardner (see how Texan I am) Matt Wettergreen.)

I was a total party pooper, and went back to my "hotel" early (I'm shacking up with a friend--in fact, she's the first friend I made in kindergarten). Jason is a rock star, however, and stayed out until...what time is it now? He saw Elijah "Frodo" Wood necking with his girlfriend, and then went with our other host, Greg Kot, to see UK band Art Brut play. I'll let him tell you about that.

On the agenda today was an interview with the Beastie Boys (most likely to air in April) and some good bbq. Check out Jason's blog entry tomorrow for pics of the Beasties (and no doubt a comprehensive description of the bbq).

That's all for now.
Oh wait, I'm in Texas--Adios folks.


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