Sunday, March 19, 2006

Dress (nappy) to impress

If you ask anyone here at SXSW what is one of the best things their getting out of the festival, odds are they'll tell you it's the networking they've done. Not different from most conventions/conferences in the world. Since they're meeting new people/possible clients you naturally think these conference goers would dress up a bit to make a good first impression. Well, they do it that here but in reverse. There is a lot of unkempt hair here - very pale and gaunt looking faces too. Not the healthiest looking lot. I guess that's what you get for thriving in the night time as musicians and rock 'n' roll fans. The advantage to this is that one can easily roll out of bed and start their morning - err, early afternoon - right away and fit in. I neither confirm nor deny that this is what I did, but it is an option and a very easy one at that!


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